CerebroVis : Visualization of Arteries in Human Brain

About the project: Blood circulation to the human brain is provided through a network of cerebral arteries. A blockage or leakage of an artery in this system may be due to diseases such as a stroke or aneurysm. To identify and diagnose these conditions, doctors obtain and examine CTA or MRA radiological images. The doctor’s diagnostic tasks include examination of artery branches for abnormalities and identification of paths of abnormal flow from a deformed artery. These tasks are in actuality the network analysis tasks of browsing and path following. In this work, we introduce the definition of the cerebral artery system as a network. This framing allowed us to develop a novel network representation of the cerebrovascular arteries. The layout uses a topology- and constraint-based technique to present the structure intuitively and preserve the spatial context. Experts validated thelayout design, and robustness is demonstrated through testing with 56 MRA datasets.

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